Anxiety in Children – Workshop for Parents

Anxiety in Children – Workshop for Parents

Monday 30 January, 6.30pm

Soderberg Hall

Anxiety is a normal human emotion expressed when a situation feels threatening. As children grow they experience many new situations. They must be able to build resilience by processing and coping with some level of discomfort or unfamiliar emotions. This involves giving children age-appropriate strategies to use when they feel worried. As parents, it is crucial to spot the difference between anxieties which are a normal part of development and anxieties where children need extra help and support.

We are delighted to welcome Lorraine Lee, a Professional Parenting Practitioner with a background in Positive Parenting Child Psychology, who will be leading this workshop for parents & guardians of children (Reception to Year 6). The evening will give parents a good understanding of anxiety, how it works and what children can do to feel less anxious and more able to cope with uncertainty.

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