ISI Inspection

ISI Inspection

Highlights from the Inspection Report April 2019:

Pupils of all ages are highly engaged, enthusiastic and committed learners. They are highly motivated…Their enjoyment of learning is evident.

Pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding are excellent in all areas of their learning and they are highly effective in transferring skills to other situations.

Pupils enjoy an excellent rapport with their teachers and are unafraid to ask if they need help. Through the high-quality of pastoral care, teachers know their pupils well and are alert to their individual circumstances, strengths and academic needs.

Pupils have an excellent attitude towards their learning. They work well both independently and collaboratively.

Pupils excel in a wide range of activities as a result of the wealth of opportunities available to them.

The pupils are highly articulate…They have extensive vocabulary and the facility to use it accurately to explain, discuss and debate. Their grasp of subject-specific vocabulary, particularly musical or scientific terms, is very advanced.

Pupils speak with great confidence both in class and to wider audiences as a result of the school’s encouragement of pupils to share ideas and opinions.

Pupils’ understanding, knowledge and skills are excellent in the creative subjects, as demonstrated by the music produced by a whole-class ensemble in their music lesson.

Pupils are very successful in a range of activities outside the curriculum, as well as in attaining academic, music, performing arts, art and sporting scholarships. They excel in various areas of school life as a result of the wealth of opportunities available to them.

Pupils make positive contributions to others in the community and the world around them. They look after each other and work together to improve their environment and the school.

The younger pupils demonstrated a caring approach to nature in the woodland and the older pupils talk about how they have enjoyed learning about other cultures and religions.

The behaviour of the pupils is excellent.


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