Wellbeing is embedded in the curriculum and across the whole school. Pupils and staff have incredibly positive things to say about the climate of the school and how they have been personally supported.

Wellbeing Award for Schools inspector

At Caterham Prep School, our commitment to wellbeing is woven into the fabric of our educational ethos, guided by ‘The Caterham Way’. Developed collaboratively through deep discussion through our school community and pupil voice, this represents our shared set of core values. We nurture engaged, self-aware learners who embrace diversity, developing key life skills through Wellbeing lessons and a rich co-curricular program. Within this caring environment, we aim to foster happiness, security, confidence, and a sense of value among our pupils.

The robust pastoral care system, led by Form Tutors but participated in by all staff, ensures a deep understanding of each pupil. Our approach of ‘deep listening’ and ‘deep noticing’ ensures we know each pupil and can support them individually. The unique Caterham Holistic Information Portal (CHIP) enhances communication and information tracking between staff, creating a seamless support structure around each child.  Transparency and collaboration with parents are paramount.  

Our Learning Powers initiative instils perseverance, resilience, and a positive attitude, preparing pupils for life beyond the classroom.  Our holistic curriculum approach means that all teachers are involved in pastoral care, as we recognise and emphasise the intrinsic link between the wellbeing and academic development of our pupils.  For example, an Outdoor Learning lesson may incorporate learning around gratitude or mindful noticing of the nature around us.    

Age-specific behaviour policies underscore the importance of reflection and making appropriate choices. We promote spiritual richness through exploring diverse beliefs, supporting charities, and celebrating cultural events in our varied assembly program. Diversity and inclusion are priorities, addressed through audits, staff training, and active parental engagement. 

Community building is a core aspect of our ethos, with strong links forged through partnerships with local schools and charities. Valuing pupil voice, we incorporate pastoral surveys, Eco Warriors, School Council, Food Council, Pupil Conferencing, and Pupil Progress Meetings into our framework. Year 6 reading buddies for Year 3 pupils, and our Pre-Prep and Prep mixed Houses are examples of how we employ peer support and cross-year links. 

A testament to our efforts, Caterham School and Caterham Prep have been re-awarded the UK’s highest wellbeing accolade – the National Children’s Bureau-backed Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS). The inspector praised our pioneering approach, affirming that wellbeing is embedded throughout the curriculum and across the entire school. This endorsement underscores our dedication to fostering a positive and supportive environment, where wellbeing is not just a goal but an integral part of the Caterham community’s ethos.