The School Day

The School Day

Timings at the end of the day are staggered to enable parents with children at different parts of the school to collect easily, and to alleviate traffic congestion. Parents are asked to assist by ensuring that pupils arrive at school in good time for registration and are collected promptly after school activities.


The school day begins at 8.45am. All Pre-School children attend the first session of the day which ends at 12.30pm, and includes lunch. Children may be collected at 12.30pm or continue for the afternoon session until 3.00pm. Pupils finishing at 12.30pm should be collected from the door at the back of the school. Children finishing at 3.00pm should be collected from the covered area


Pupils should arrive between 8.15am and 8.30am. This coincides with the start of the day throughout the school and enables parents with children in more than one class to easily drop children off. Parents and pupils should remain in their cars and drive around to one of the drop-off points. A member of staff will be there to greet you, open the car door and guide your child to the covered area. This is a drop off system with no parking for Reception to Year 2 pupils including their younger siblings in Pre-School. Registration is at 8.30am and if absent at 8.35am will be marked late. For Pre-School children (with no older siblings) Parents should arrive at 8.40am, park in a space and bring their child to the back of the building where they will be greeted by a member of the Pre-School staff.

Collection times are staggered at the end of the school day (Pre-School at 3.00pm, Reception at 3.15pm, Year 1 at 3.30pm and Year 2 at 3.40pm) to help keep traffic moving. Parents should park their car and head to the covered area to collect their child.  Once collected, please return to your car and exit the car park promptly to allow space for the next year group. The children are not permitted to use any of the play equipment once they have been dismissed. There is a supervised Sibling Class available each day until 3.40pm for children with older siblings at the school. These children will be dismissed under the covered area and we ask that the Pre-Prep children are collected before Prep siblings.


Pupils in Years 5 and 6 arrive at 8.00am and pupils in Years 3 and 4 arrive at 8.15am.   Morning registration takes place at 8.25am for all classes.  Morning clubs and groups start at 8.00am.

At the end of the day, Year 3 and 4 are dismissed at 3.45pm and Years 5 and 6 at 4.00pm.   Prep Club (a supervised homework club for all children in Years 3 – 6) runs after school as do a variety of clubs and activities.  

Caterham Prep School is committed to offering wrap around care for pupils before the start of the school day and at the end of the school day. Please click here for Wrap Around Care

* Pre-School class will not be available from Sept 2022