Wrap Around Care

Wrap Around Care

At Caterham Prep we understand that many parents have the need to drop their child at school early or are unable to pick them up at the normal end of school time.  With this in mind, Caterham Prep provide a complete wrap around care facility. 

We offer the following clubs for parents who need the extra care for their child:

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is held in the Pre-Prep building from 7.30am until the start of the School day. Parents must sign their children in with the members of staff on duty in Pre-Prep, before leaving them.

Cereal, toast and hot chocolate will be offered and games and supervision at the appropriate level are also included. Members of the Breakfast Club staff will walk pupils to Prep and Pre-Prep playgrounds respectively for the beginning of the school day and see them into School safely.

Breakfast Club is offered on an ad-hoc basis and is bookable via Wisepay up to the night before the session you require.  There is a limit of 16 spaces per day and these are booked on a first come first served basis.

The cost per session is £8.00

Sibling Class

Sibling Class is available until 3.40pm for Pre-Prep children who are either staying for After School Care or for children who have older siblings in Prep School.  This facility enables parents to be able to pick up their children from Prep School without the worry of having to be at Pre-Prep at the same time.

After School Care

The After School Care facility is available to children within in the Prep and Pre-Prep Schools from Reception through to Year 6 .

It is a term time only facility which is located at Pre-Prep.  There are facilities for unstructured play, both inside and outside, weather permitting and there is a wide range of toys and games for the children to use, or they may read quietly if they wish. A light tea will be provided for all children.

The scheme cares for Pre-Prep children from 3.40pm until 6.00pm and Prep School children from 4.45pm until 6.00pm. Prep School children will be able to attend their co-curricular activities, or complete homework in Prep (Homework Club) until 4.45pm, at which time they will be escorted to After School Care located at Pre-Prep.

The cost per session is £16.50 for Pre-Prep pupils and £10.00 for Prep pupils

Refunds for absences will be given only in exceptional circumstances and there will be no discounts for children that are collected early. 

Sessions are booked and paid for via Wisepay and places are limited.  Childcare vouchers are accepted as payment for these sessions but they still need to be booked.