The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage

Learning unfolds in two classes led by experienced teachers, each with a dedicated Teaching Assistant. Our tailored curriculum caters to the unique needs of each class, prioritising what’s best for the child and understanding their optimal learning approach. 

While most time is spent with their class teacher, subjects like MFL, Sport, Music, Outdoor Learning and Drama are taught by specialists. The Caterham Way, promoting values like kindness and responsibility, is woven into our curriculum and guides behaviour. 

Pupils actively participate in whole school assemblies, and parents, integral to their child’s education, regularly receive shared work updates and are invited into the school. Children explore their interests in a classroom environment reflecting their needs, accessing resources both inside and outside, including our expansive outdoor area. 

At the heart of our approach is placing the child at the centre of learning, embracing the unpredictability and inspiration each day brings. This child-centric focus aligns with how young learners thrive best. Real learning is evident when a child is fully engaged, exhibiting creativity and energy, showcasing the magic of the Early Years. 

Our goal is to give pupils the best possible start, fostering a love of learning and curiosity during these precious childhood years. The reception year promises a magical journey filled with joy and laughter, with children growing and developing significantly. By the end of the year, they emerge as reading, writing, adding, subtracting experts, equipped with confidence and a circle of friends, ready for the transition into Year One.