We believe that learning in the Prep School should be rewarding.

Our curriculum is designed to be challenging and engaging, as well as highly motivating and inspiring. Through carefully planned and graduated schemes of work we aim to instil in pupils a real sense of enjoyment and passion for learning. Teaching & learning opportunities provide for many varied tasks and activities that seek to develop all aspects of a pupil’s academic and social development. Lessons have clear learning objectives and comprise of a mix of direct and interactive teaching. Carefully constructed open ended and closed questioning, pupil discussion, individual, paired or group work, using a range of hands-on and other resources support and enhance the development of pupils’ learning and understanding. The curriculum is designed to ensure smooth developmental progression of concepts and skills and continuity of learning in preparation for entry into the Senior School. Each pupil’s progress and attainment is carefully monitored and tracked using a range of informal and formal assessments.

Parents are regularly informed about their child’s attainment and progress through the academic year in parents’ consultation evenings and written reports.

Learning starts through play in Reception, and gradually becomes more formal as the children move up through the year groups.

Our youngest pupils join the Pre-Prep and have classes in their own building (Mottrams).