Parental Wellbeing Webinar with Dick Moore

Parental Wellbeing Webinar with Dick Moore

Tuesday 1 February, 7.00pm

Humphreys Theatre and online

Join us in person or online for our next Parental Wellbeing webinar.  This event is suitable for Year 6 parents and above.

Our speaker will be Dick Moore who, as the parent of four (in his own words!) often errant children and a headmaster for almost 23 years, embarked upon a mission to discover more about what makes young people tick and what he could or should have done during the challenging times! He has a passion for the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of young people and will be exploring how young people think, why adolescence is an especially vulnerable time and about common issues which can arise when the going gets tough, as well as offering some tongue-in-cheek tips for parenthood.

Dick has spoken at over 400  schools, universities, businesses and conferences both in the UK and overseas.  He is an instructor for Mental Health First Aid, a speaker for the Charlie Waller Trust and has attended an ASIST course in suicide intervention.  He gave a TEDx talk  in April 2015 and a Head Talk in 2018.  He has also appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live, various local BBC radio stations and ITN News with Mary Nightingale. In addition, Dick has previously presented to staff at Caterham and we can all vouch as to what an excellent speaker he is.

There will be a Q&A session after the initial presentation, where Dick will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to attend, please register by completing the Microsoft Forms sign-up sheet accessed by clicking here. 

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