Super Car Sunday

Super Car Sunday

Super & Classic Car Sunday

Come and marvel the beautiful vintage vehicles, sleek super cars and beautiful bikes at our SuperCar Sunday – combined with the Spring OCA Sports Day on Sunday 25 February.  Everyone is invited to come along and enjoy the vehicles on display and spectate the School v. OC hockey, netball and basketball fixtures which take place on the same day.

Would you like to show your car? Please click here and fill in the form to reserve your prime spot, and to join us for a special drivers breakfast!

Those wishing to take part will show their vehicles at the front of the main school and Eothen courtyard after enjoying breakfast with fellow classic and super car owners. Vehicles will be on show from 10.30am to approximately 2.00pm, to coincide with the School v. OC matches that afternoon. This day is already a highlight for the school community, with former parents and Old Cats returning to Caterham, and we’re hoping to make it bigger and better.

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