Deep Dive into World Ocean Day

Deep Dive into World Ocean Day

Mrs Deale guided Years 3 to 5 on an extraordinary journey beneath the surface of the world’s oceans in an assembly last Friday, in honour of World Ocean Day. Through a stunning visualisation, the children were able to grasp the immensity of the ocean’s depths and the unique creatures that inhabit each layer, all the way down to the mysterious Hadal Zone. Fun fact – did you know that more humans have visited the moon than the Hadal Zone of the ocean? 

The assembly was thoughtfully prepared by our Year 6 pupils. Although they couldn’t present it due to their play rehearsals, their hard work shone through. The children learned about key marine species such as orcas, dolphins, and turtles, the threats they face, and the global efforts underway to protect them and the ocean environment. These efforts range from cutting pollution to clean-up initiatives and even innovative strategies like transforming beach plastic into valuable products. 

Mrs Deale also touched on World Ocean Day itself, a global event that rallies the world to protect and restore our shared blue planet. It’s an event that unites over 150 countries and is powered by the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council. This year’s conservation action focus is on protecting at least 30% of our blue planet by 2030 for a healthy ocean and climate. 

The assembly concluded with suggestions on how we can contribute to ocean protection from our own homes. This discussion left a powerful impression on the children, highlighting the importance of our individual and collective roles in safeguarding the oceans, the creatures that live there, and the people who rely on them. 

Why not join us in exploring the deep sea? You can try it for yourselves by clicking here 

Remember, every little action counts towards creating a healthier ocean and a better future! 

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