Debating News

Debating News

This week in Debating Society, members worked in groups to try and establish a new law.  They had to decide what law they would introduce and write a persuasive speech to prove that their idea was the most important.  The laws proposed were:

  1. To ban the sale of axolotls (a type of salamander) as they are endangered.
  2. That university should be free for all.
  3. To require people to plant a seed every time they eat a piece of fruit.
  4. That smoking should be banned.

All groups worked well to put together a persuasive speech and accompanying powerpoint under a very tight time limit.  The audience vote supported the ban on axolotls and the judge agreed with this decision.  William, George and Henry made a powerful case for protecting this very unusual and endangered creature.  Their speech contained evidence to support their case as well as many persuasive language techniques.

Next week sees the long-awaited House Debating Final!  Viewpoint A take on Foxburrow A to debate whether violent protests can ever be justified.

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