Movement Pattern Programme Introduced

Movement Pattern Programme Introduced

We are very excited to announce that Caterham Prep will be pioneering a revolutionary system of movement assessment.  This initiative is part of our progressive approach to Physical Education and Physical Literacy at the Prep School.

We are partnering Fundamental Movement Systems UK to enable us to deliver personalised individual programmes for all our pupils from Year 3 to 6.  FMS are leaders in the world of movement and the Movement Pattern Programme will allow the PE department to screen for movement efficiency to ensure every pupil has a basic foundation of movement quality.  Functional Movement screening is well known in professional and elite sport and this programme has been specifically adapted for schools.  Every pupil involved will have a personalised development pathway to support balance, mobility and postural control.

In the Pre-Prep we will be looking at an experimental functional movement module based on play for Pre-Prep (3-7 year olds). This will enable us to develop a strategy for an early intervention and an opportunity for the school to recognise and maintain the excellent movement, posture and breathing habits of our younger pupils.

From a young age, as the body grows and develops, we naturally become stronger, but it is important that we continue to move in the right way.

At Caterham, we are looking at this as a long term plan, this is about the long game, the legacy and impact this will have on our pupil’s futures. It’s important to guide them at an early stage in life which hopefully sets them on the right path to good physical wellbeing throughout their lives.

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