Beliefs Week

Beliefs Week

This week, part of the library was transformed into a Think Space for Beliefs Week.

The theme this year is one of Hope so the week began with a themed assembly on Monday morning. Each class had the opportunity to visit the Think Space over the week and were able to think, reflect, write, draw or just be. There was a kindness tree where they could write ideas about kindness on a paper hand and peg it to the tree. There was a space to think and write their hopes and dreams for 2022. An origami station provided them the opportunity to create a dove and write a prayer of hope or draw a thought onto it before pegging it to the cage. With soft background music, it was a perfect space to relax over a break. Glitter water bottles were a favourite with which to pass some quiet time.

The children commented:

“I found it relaxing and mindful.”

“This is an amazing experience. So relaxing and calming and gave me time to think.”

“I think this is an amazing space to reflect on your thoughts and dreams.”

“I loved this amazing experience and it made all my worries disappear and made me feel better.”

“I really liked watching the glitter go down and have some quiet time.”

“I have enjoyed this so much. It is my favourite place to be.”

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