AI in Education Conference: Global Insights for Local Implementation

AI in Education Conference: Global Insights for Local Implementation

On Wednesday, Mr Lang hosted the IAPS AI conference discussing AI in education with national and international educational leaders.

At Wednesday’s IAPS AI conference in London, Caterham was well represented at the conference with both Mr Lang and Mr Webster from the senior school speaking. They were joined by special guests from across the education and EdTech sectors, including Priya Lakhani OBE, they discussed the future of AI in education with senior leaders from schools and universities, some travelling from as far away as Canada.

Titled ‘ChatGPT and Beyond – Revolutionising Education with Artificial Intelligence: Innovations and Opportunities,’ the conference centred on practical AI use, the risks involved and necessary mitigations. Crucially, it focused on how these elements could be navigated to improve children’s education.

Interactive sessions allowed attendees to discuss and test AI tools in practical scenarios, helping to shape strategies for effective and responsible implementation in classrooms worldwide. The knowledge gained will directly benefit our pupils, equipping teachers with new tools and enhancing our approach to teaching and learning.

This conference signifies an important step towards effectively integrating AI into our education system. With the insights gained, we’re excited to continue innovating in ways that will benefit our pupils’ learning journey and prepare them for the rapidly-changing world that they are growing up in.

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