Bee Happy House Dance-a-thon!

Bee Happy House Dance-a-thon!

Friday morning saw our whole prep and pre-prep community take part in an epic bee-happy dance-a-thon! Building on the fun we had with last year’s Giving Day, we learnt all about what Giving Back means, and our special relationships across the globe with our partner school in Lerang’wa, Tanzania.

In preparation for our Easter Telethon, Mr. Lang hosted an assembly on partnerships and community engagement. Pupils were focused and inquisitive, as Mr Lang explored our Caterham Partnerships programme and discussed the importance of giving back. This ranges from the little things we can do to help our friends around, to the big, amazing projects like our Resource Library and our East Surrey Learning Partnership.

We also said hello to students in Lerang’wa Primary School, Tanzania, who we have been visiting and raising money for hot school lunches for over 15 years. We learnt about the school, our friendship, and most importantly our shared love of dance and music! In response, we decided to host our very own House Dance Off! Our pupils hopped, bopped, and flip-flopped to Can’t Stop the Feeling, I’m Still Standing and Best Day of My Life all in the name of FUN-raising. Well done everyone!

Our Bee-happy house dance-a-thon was to highlight this Easter’s telethon, that will be raising money for our Transformational Bursaries and our Partnership Programmes. 

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