Beliefs Week: Time Out in the Thinking Tent

Beliefs Week: Time Out in the Thinking Tent

This week was Beliefs Week at Prep and the theme was, “It Matters To Me.” Each class in Years 2 to 6 were able to spend 30 minutes in the library doing activities based around the theme. Some of the children have expressed what it meant to them:

This week was all about believing in yourself, saying thank you to those who do so much for you and appreciating what you have which is special. I really enjoyed going to the library to do relaxing activities. You can enjoy each activity with your friends and listen to calming music, this brings lots of joy. In each activity there is different things that help you to feel more grateful about what you have and to appreciate the things you receive or are able to access every day. It’s all about saying thank you to those you appreciate and do anything for you.”


Gratitude and self-belief are some of the best things you can use to achieve your goals and dreams, don’t give up!


Remember always believe in yourself and never give up, you are amazing and will achieve incredible things!


I think the 30 minutes helped me relax and realise things that I haven’t before.


I really loved going into the library and doing the crafts ,as well as the calmful and being with friends.


Beliefs week is so important as it shows kids and adults than you should never give up on what you believe in and that you can do whatever you what to do


I loved sitting and doing the origami and writing the thank you notes so that you can give it to someone you care about or you could write a note and put it on the memory tree. There was Jenga and Lego , you could listen to music in the tent or write a message in the sand!


Year 2 were also treated to a session in the ‘Thinking Tent’ this week as part of their wellbeing during Beliefs Week. The children had a relaxing time, choosing various calming and thoughtful activities. A plasma ball and bubble tube were a big hit, as was making an origami heart for a loved one. Some children chose to write about a special event or message to hang on the memory tree or to listen to soothing music and sounds in the relaxation tent, whilst others enjoyed a quiet game of Jenga. 

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