Binoculars at the Ready for Big Garden Birdwatch!

Binoculars at the Ready for Big Garden Birdwatch!

Last weekend was the Big Garden Birdwatch which is a free and fun way to spend time looking out for and counting the birds in our gardens. After our assembly on how to identify birds, and tips for spotting them, 15 of our eco-warriors spent an hour at lunch time looking for and identifying birds in the grounds and woodland around School. Many of them bought in binoculars and armed with their packed lunches and identity key, they spent a delightful hour looking around and counting how many species of birds they could find. Our results will be collated and sent off to be added to the national data base.

It was very fun and I learnt a lot about many birds” Adam

I learnt that different birds had different sounds and that you can identify them by their sounds” Aarya

I found out that you have to stay very quiet when carrying out a bird survey” Oak

It was peaceful and entertaining seeing all the birds flying above us

It was a magical experience” Nicole

I found it fascinating and now I can recognise different birds and I can recognise them more often” Stella

I found the experience very relaxing and captivating because I could watch the different birds using the identification strategies that we learnt” Mia

I like listening to the birds singing because they made different sounds” Sara

I found it really interesting to see the birds and hear their songs and I liked seeing how the songs differentiated from bird to bird and how sometimes a bird would respond to the different calls” Jack

I found it interesting how each bird had a different song and used it to call to their parents or those around them. It has taught me to stop and listen and look out for other birds when I walk around outside” Elliot

I really enjoyed being in the fresh air and learning about the different birds and their calls. It was a wonderful experience and something I would like to do more often. I love how it encourages people to go outside more often”  Xander

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