Buddy Lunches

Buddy Lunches

We’re buddying up with our East Surrey Learning Partnership Schools to support local families struggling to provide food this winter. The Caterham School community showed their support throughout Covid with the amazing Lockdown Lunches and now with so many families facing a tough time it’s fantastic to be able to continue our support.

You can support Buddy Lunches via the ‘Caterham School Community’ donations page on WisePay.  Donations will be used directly to make a difference in our community by purchasing food vouchers for local supermarkets.  We will distribute these to our local partner primary schools to enable them to respond quickly and effectively to needs as they arise in the community during the winter ahead.  Schools are often uniquely placed to be the first responders when problems for a family build up.  Vouchers will allow families to choose what they need and buy fresh!

Buddy lunches offer practical support for local families in need. This is what one of our partner primary schools had to say: “Some of our parents have struggled getting fresh produce, obviously the food banks are set up for long life products. As an example, we had a parent just after milk for a toddler, eggs and butter. Another parent felt that being able to stock up on things like flour, and yeast (not food bank staples) would put her in a better place to cook meals. In addition, the food bank is open twice a week, sometimes a more dynamic option has been really useful.  Morrisons vouchers in small values means we are able to act more quickly for a family in need.”

The East Surrey Learning Partnership was founded by Caterham School and is a partnership of independent and maintained schools working together to support ambition and achievement for all.

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