Calling all Cubers! ESLP Partnership League is live!

Calling all Cubers! ESLP Partnership League is live!

The ESLP Cubing League is now live. It’s an ongoing league for children at Caterham Prep and our partner primary schools to compete and register times whenever they want to. This is open to anyone with a GoCube and it would be great to get some times on the board. The league will run all the way to the end of the year and children can register a time whenever they like (up to three times a day).

To enter, you will need:

  1. The link:
  2. The code: 23456
  3. A GoCube
  4. A laptop/computer with bluetooth or an iPad running the Bluefy browser (which allows bluetooth connections because Safari/Chrome/Edge don’t on iPad)
  5. An account (it’s free but do check for protecting personal details and appropriate naming etc.)

Still learning? Click here for the full Cubing Academy (also accessible in the GoCube app on iPad) it will lead you through solving step by step from beginner to international competition standard.

We will be launching our own Cubing Club next year, so those who wish to learn and compete in person should stay tuned!

Mr Lang 

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