Celebrating our Cultural Diversity

Celebrating our Cultural Diversity

On a rainy and sleety day, Mr Jones, visited from the senior school to talk about the Hindu festival of Holi. The event was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to celebrate our cultural diversity.

During the assembly, Mr Jones shared with pupils the story of the Holi festival and explained the traditions and customs associated with this joyful occasion. The pupils were fascinated to learn about the origins of Holi and its significance in Hindu culture.

The highlight of the event was when one of our pupils explained what the festival is like to celebrate in his family. The pupils enjoyed hearing about colourful powders, music and dancing and were able to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of this vibrant festival.

Despite the weather outside, the atmosphere inside Soderberg Hall was one of warmth, excitement, and learning. We are proud to have such a vibrant and engaged community and we thank Mr Jones for coming.

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