Celebrating Problem-Solving and Cognitive Skills with GoCube

Celebrating Problem-Solving and Cognitive Skills with GoCube

In an exciting development, our pupils from Years 3 to 6 will be taking part in the UK’s first school GoCube competition. This innovative event is a result of our fruitful collaboration with Particula, a leading creator of connected games and toys. With the help of our Innovation Pioneers and Year 6 pupils, we’ve been developing an educational app for Particula’s GoDice system. This collaboration also afforded us the opportunity to trial their GoCube and GoCube2x2 Rubik’s cubes, exciting learning tools that have been engaging our pupils and helping them master the art of cubing.

Following open qualifiers over the last two weeks, the final will be judged by the co-founder and creator of GoCube live via video during assembly on Monday 19 June.

Caterham Prep will also be the first school in the world to try Particula’s new cubing tournament platform, featuring in-school leaderboards and tournament structures. This is in development and will then be rolled out globally in the coming months and used in the multi-school tournaments (also a world’s first) that we will be running in the new school year.

In recognition of the contributions made by our pupils to the development process, parents and children have free access to the Cubing.co website to teach, test and compete and can be connected to a GoCube for more advanced live training and challenges. Particula is also offering a special discount for Caterham families. For those interested in purchasing their own GoCube or exploring more of Particula’s innovative products, visit https://particula-tech.com/ and use the code found in Prep News for a 10% discount on anything on their site. Furthermore, they have kindly reduced their shipping fees until the end of July.

As always, our aim is to provide diverse learning experiences that equip our pupils with a range of skills that extend beyond the traditional curriculum, exploring the power of innovation, collaboration, creativity and problem-solving to add context to their learning.

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