Childnet Film Competition 2022

Childnet Film Competition 2022

The Childnet Film competition, run by Childnet in association with the UK Safer Internet Centre, has returned with the theme: All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships onlineWhat can we all do to play our part?

The challenge is to write, record and edit a short film (two minutes maximum) exploring this theme before the competition closes at the start of June.

Films can be documentaries, dramas, news reports, songs, animations or more or less anything you can think of and open to children working alone or in teams. The competition is open to children aged 7+ and groups of up to 8 (children and adults). Children who are interested will find all the details they need (including planning sheets and the parental permission slip) in the document attached to this story.

The closing date for entries within the Prep is Sunday 29 May so that we are able to process and send off any entries before the competition closes in the first week of June.

Further information can be found here


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