Exploring Big Questions in Debating and Philosophy Club

Exploring Big Questions in Debating and Philosophy Club

Every Monday, curious minds in Years 4 and 5 gather for the Debating and Philosophy Club (D&P Club). The club is a hub for lively discussion, critical thinking, and robust argumentation, proving to be a favourite among pupils who love to challenge their perspectives and articulate their thoughts.

Recently, D&P Club has tackled a range of imaginative and thought-provoking topics. Questions such as “Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?” and “What is the opposite of happiness?” spark not only lively debates but also deeper contemplation about preferences, values, and the nuances of language.

The club also focuses on developing effective debating techniques. For instance, the strategy “You said, I think” helps pupils understand how to structure their arguments and respond to others’ points respectfully and thoughtfully. Meanwhile, the “Yes but/Yes and” technique teaches them how to build on someone else’s thoughts or to offer a counterargument, essential skills in both academic and real-world discussions.

These weekly sessions are not only about debating; they are also about building a community where pupils feel safe and excited to express themselves and learn from one another. Through these discussions, pupils enhance their oracy skills—becoming more confident and articulate speakers.

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