Fact Packed Lessons from the Wright Society

Fact Packed Lessons from the Wright Society

The Prep School was incredibly fortunate this week as we not only welcomed Sixth Form pupils from the Moncrieff-Jones Society to discuss the science competition, but we were also honoured to have Leané, Joel, and Emily from the Wright Society visit both Year 4 and Year 6 lessons! The Wright Society, based at Caterham School, is dedicated to supporting students interested in pursuing careers as medics, dentists, and veterinarians. They treated us to feature-packed lessons on bones.

We learned fascinating details, such as how our adult teeth are present in our jaws years before they emerge, the location and function of growth plates, the composition and production role of bones, and the robustness of the femur—comparable to concrete. We also explored what different types of fractures look like and the implications when bones break.

The session included a practical demonstration on emergency responses, specifically how to properly tie a sling for an arm fracture using a reef knot. Everyone had the opportunity to practice applying a sling on a “patient” and then being a patient themselves! A competition ensued to find the fastest and most secure sling application, with a record set by Year 6 at 9.30 seconds, closely followed by a Year 4 pupil who secured a sling in just over 10 seconds!

A huge thank you to the Wright Society for leading our lessons—they were both incredibly fun and informative!

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