French Frolicks for Year 6

French Frolicks for Year 6

Just before the half term break, 44 Year 6 children and five staff met at school at 4.30 am to embark on their day trip to France. It was so exciting to be able to run this trip again after a three year gap.  Pupils look back on this fun filled day.

“We woke up at an early hour as we had to be at school at 4.30am in the morning. I was excited to meet my friends next to the coach. My Dad drove me to school and dropped me off on the pavement. Then Mrs Deale gathered us and we all got on the coach, I sat next to my friend Henry.” MDP 

“A few hours later we made it onto the euro tunnel where we were allowed to get out of the coach and eat if we wanted. I ate an apple because I wasn’t that hungry, although we did have a packed breakfast with us. A few hours later we made it to France, we were in a long market stretching out in 4 directions. When we had bought our food we drove to the spot where we ate (outside the aquarium).” MDP 

“The French trip was really fun and I wish it was a three day trip, but it was still amazing. I loved it when we went to the market, and when we bought the food. And especially when we ate the food. The French food was magnificent. When we were in the Euro Tunnel I liked it because we got to eat our own snacks. I’m so happy we got to do the trip, so thank you so much for letting us go on this trip”-TA 

“I learnt how bread in France is made and cooked and the man that did the making croissants with us was really funny! I saw lots of really awesome animals. Going to the market was really fun, we ordered the food in French and deciding which stall to go to based on the freshness and price was really fascinating. Also, eating the food was really nice, I tried the cheese and I’m not a huge fan of cheese but actually it wasn’t that bad and tasting the difference between the baguettes from their home country and here, you could taste a difference.”-IK 

“I really enjoyed learning how to make Croissants, and I thought the bread baker was really funny by being strict. I loved going to the market and buying really yummy food. I thought the idea of having a picnic next to the aquarium was a lovely idea.” – AH 

“I really enjoyed the market and the aquarium the food we had for lunch was really good and the aquarium was MASSIVE and the man who was doing the croissants was slightly scary but REALLY funny” AVD 

“In France I had so much fun! The food was delicious! The aquarium was probably my FAVOURITE thing. I loved seeing the turtles in it. Learning how to make croissants was fun and they tasted delicious.”- TB 

“I learned lots of names of foods in French when we went to the market and it was really fun going around to all the stalls. I also learned a lot about the money (euros, cents) it was very fun to count up the money. The food from the market was really nice. This was probably the best trip.” MJ 

“My favourite thing that we did in France was the aquarium because we had lots of fun venturing around and I found out lots of new interesting facts. I saw a lot of animals and their habitats.” EC 

“I really enjoyed the aquarium and I’m gonna remember the market because it was funny and the thing I learned was how to make a croissant.” WT 

“After lunch we went into the aquarium where we looked at fascinating fish and my favourite was the jellyfish.” MDP 

“The aquarium was magnificent and I remember the Sea lions kept on waving at us. The food was amazing as always since it is French. The croissants were good and the man who taught us how to make them was very funny.” NE 

“I really enjoyed the French trip. The things I enjoyed were the market, bakery and the aquarium.” HB 

“The French trip was amazing and I really think the aquarium was the best part because the animals were incredibly fascinating. I also found the food and drink were good and tasted great. Ordering in French was hard but found it good fun to get it. I also remember in the gift shop when I accidentally used a 50p instead of a euros. Overall it was great.” HD 

“Thank you so much for the amazing French trip. My favourite part was when we went to Nausicáa. I found the displays beautiful, especially the one that had the jellyfish floating up the cylinder.” KL

“I really enjoyed going to the aquarium and seeing all the fish, I also enjoyed going to the market and going out for the day.” NF 

“I really liked the aquarium watching all the pretty fish and coral. Making croissants was so much fun, and the food was really nice.” AP

“I had such a great time and it was so exciting to go on the euro tunnel. I also loved the aquarium, it had so many gorgeous fish. I will always remember this because it was so fun and great for learning.” RB 

“I will always remember the Aquarium and the Marketplace.  The marketplace was filled with so many smells and amazing things, it was so hard to chose what to get for lunch and if we wanted to buy anything from there for ourselves. I loved all the beautiful animals that we got to see, especially the Sea Lions. They were all so majestic! It was a perfect day and it was so much fun. There are only a few words that can describe how great this day was and those words are wonderful, amazing, brilliant and once in a life time.” NC 

“I really enjoyed going to the aquarium and learning how to make croissants. I also enjoyed going to the market and ordering my lunch in French.” CA 

“I loved the FOOD and the Aquarium. I enjoyed spending the day in France!” RP

“I liked making croissants and I enjoyed the aquarium.” SP 

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