Global Assembly to Mount Everest

Global Assembly to Mount Everest

Mr Wilkinson, the Head of Outdoor Learning in the senior school, delivered an assembly about his trip to Nepal and his trek to Mount Everest Base Camp, sharing the mountain lifestyle and demands of high-altitude travel.

He shared his personal experience of trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp and presented a slideshow that offered a view into life in the Himalayas, giving pupils an insight into its cultural richness and geographic diversity.

Mr Wilkinson highlighted the challenges of high-altitude travel and shared that even when staying at a hostel, the water in the glass by his bed would freeze every night, illustrating the harsh yet fascinating conditions at these altitudes.

He also touched on the physical demands of such an expedition and the importance of careful planning. The assembly was a chance for pupils to learn about a vastly different world and appreciate the endurance required for such an adventure. His talk highlighted the role of outdoor learning in fostering resilience, curiosity, and respect for different cultures and environments.

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