Hill Start to Henley Fort at Year 4 Residential

Hill Start to Henley Fort at Year 4 Residential

After a quick coach journey to Guildford, the Year 4 pupils trekked up the hill, taking in beautiful views of Guildford and the countryside, to Henley Fort. A quick site brief was followed by their first task, to make their beds, as a team in their yurts. Various levels of success occurred but teamwork was key with those able to do this, helping others. Activities followed with the groups showing excellent teamwork, cooperation and communication to successfully complete their activities.

An evening hike with the sun shining allowed pupils to spot the shard and other buildings in London’s famous skyline. They collected firewood for the campfire and played some amazing team building games including Evolution. All the pupils settled down for the evening and were fast asleep by 9.30pm.

The following day started with an early rise, cooked breakfast and then off to activities including the climbing wall, bouldering and woodland survival. All the pupils had success in pushing themselves to go higher on the climbing wall and persevered to create fire.

The second evening ensued with roasting marshmallows on a campfire and a fun game of kick rounders. A slightly earlier night due to some very tired pupils and once more fast asleep by 9.15pm!

Our last morning in camp started with a final cooked breakfast and onto our last activities. Yurt inspection results announced, learning powers recognised by each pupil over the residential and a final walk to the coach home. The pupils behaved magnificently throughout, helping each other, becoming more independent and developing a sense of pride and achievement in themselves and their peers. It was delightful to hear the chef say at breakfast “I have never met such polite children as you have in your school.” Well done to all the pupils! The Henley Fort teacher team are proud of you!

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