Hope is here

In 2018 UK Parliament initiated a national campaign to celebrate the 1928 Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act, which gave equal voting rights to all women and men. As part of the campaign, they built a Lego Suffragette figure called Hope which has been displayed in universities and museums across the country. Our bid to host Hope here at Caterham was successful, and she is currently on loan to us for two weeks.

Hope was built by The Lego Group and it took three people 171 hours to build her. She is life sized – 170 cm tall and weighs 95 kg.  We are using the installation to inform and educate pupils and the whole community on wider issues including UK parliament and democracy, equal representation, the impact of WW1 on society and feminism, women’s movements in science, art and literature. We have a full programme of events over the two weeks including talks, Lego lunchtime and pop up libraries around school. 

On Friday, Prep school pupils were able to visit Hope and learn about the story she represents.


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