House Debating Finalists Take to the Stage

House Debating Finalists Take to the Stage

The annual House Debating competition took place last Friday 28th April in front of the Prep school.  The finalists who took part had each won the previous round in the weekly debating co-curricular club, having written speeches to support the Motion, ‘This House believes that the most inspirational woman in history is…..’

Team Viewpoint consisted of Humphrey and Isaac, Team Foxburrow Evan , Max DP and Tom B and Team Pilgrims were Isla T and Kohanna.  Each team prepared written speeches to persuade the audience that Emmeline Pankhurst, Rosa Parks or Florence Nightingale, respectively, was the most inspirational.  This was followed by challenge questions and rebuttals, whereby the children had to think on their feet!

Our star judge, Mrs Moore, was impressed by the confidence of the children, their thorough research and their use of persuasive language.

Congratulations to the winning team: Foxburrow.

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