House Netball Closes the Season

House Netball Closes the Season

The netball season came to a close this week, with everyone participating in their respective House colours.  Years 5 and 6 took to the courts on Wednesday afternoon and it was a clean sweep again for the team in yellow! For the second half of the afternoon, the year groups combined in their houses and played another round of matches in the 7 a side format.  It came down to the wire, as every team won and lost one game. Goals scored and goals conceded had to be taken into account with Pilgrims taking the combined match by one goal!

Thursday afternoon was a drizzly affair, but that didn’t stop the action on the netball court, as the Year 4s rounded up this year’s House competition. With a strong, opening performance by Pilgrims against Foxburrow and leading the way in their second match against Viewpoint, it was looking good for the team in green.  Viewpoint fought back and took the match 5-2 and in the last match, despite a surge in the last period of play by Foxburrow, they couldn’t quite close out against Viewpoint.  It was once again a victory for the team in yellow- a clean sweep in all year groups for Viewpoint.  Well done everyone.  After half term, the girls will experience some fun on the football pitch.

Netball House Results

Year 3:   1st Viewpoint      2nd Foxburrow      3rd  Pilgrims

Year 4:    1st Viewpoint     2nd Pilgrims            3rd Foxburrow    

Year 5:    1st Viewpoint     2nd Pilgrims            3rd Foxburrow   

Year 6:    1st Viewpoint     2nd Pilgrims            3rd Foxburrow   

Combined Years 5/6     

1st Pilgrims      2nd Viewpoint       3rd Foxburrow

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