Let’s Get Reading 2024 Week 2

Let’s Get Reading 2024 Week 2

Reading for Pleasure: Mrs. Jackson surprised the children this week with a delightful assembly about reading for pleasure. The scene was set with a comfy sofa, cozy blankets, cushions, warm lighting, and soft background music. Mrs. Jackson reminded the children how much magic and adventure a story can provide and that it was always her pleasure to read stories to them. Their faces lit up with her animated rendition of “Spinderella,” one of their much-loved books from the Autumn term and by one of their favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. 

Fred talk: Before learning to read whole words in Pre-Prep, our youngest readers learn how to decode new words by sounding them out. We call this ‘Fred talk’. Fred, a little floppy, green, spotty soft toy frog, is part of the Ruth Miskin family and only talks in sounds. We all love Fred! Once the children know all their single-letter sounds and can talk like Fred, aka ‘Fred talk’ (sound words out), their early reading skills are well underway. If your child needs a little help with any new or unfamiliar words at home, a gentle reminder to ‘Fred talk’ might just do the trick. But remember, you can’t ‘Fred a Red’. Ruth Miskin ‘red’ words (also referred to as tricky words or high-frequency words like ‘said’, ‘some’, ‘we’, and ‘put’) cannot be sounded out. These must just be learned. Look out for more information on how to help your child spell ‘red’ words in our next reading news. 

Try these simple Fred Games at home. 

Body Parts 


New releases for Spring 2024: We are so fortunate to be spoilt for choice where reading is concernedThere are so many wonderful books and stories widely available online, at school and at the library, offering something for everyone.  As J K Rowling famously once said “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”  Here are just a handful of top new titles due to be released between now and March 2024. These reading recommendations include picture books for younger children and short stories, and have been chosen with classroom teaching, school libraries, home learning and reading for pleasure in mindPlease see the schoolreadinglist.co.uk for further information and other new titles.  

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