Lets Get Reading

Lets Get Reading

NEW! Book Swap Shed

We are thrilled to announce that our new Pre-Prep Book Swap Shed will open after half-term. Pupils are invited to bring a cherished book or one they no longer require and exchange it for another. Donated books should be in good condition and appropriate for Pre-Prep-aged children. (Please do not bring in baby books.) The Book Shed will be in the Pre-Prep playground and will be open daily at pickup. Parents are kindly requested to supervise their children in the process of selecting a book to ‘drop off’ and choosing one to ‘pick up.’ Why not use the half-term break as an opportunity to organize your home book collection? You may also want to jot down any unusual or captivating words for inspiration towards your World Book Day costume!

20 is plenty!

We are often asked how long pupils should read each day. Considering that each family has its own unique structure and after-school activities differ from household to household, spending up to 20 minutes is generally considered sufficient. This time can involve the child reading a bit to you, or you reading a story to your child; either approach is beneficial. Why not have your own ‘book club’ where members of the family sit and read together?

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