Matilda The Musical Jr: What a Show from Year 6!

Matilda The Musical Jr: What a Show from Year 6!

Last week, our fabulous Year 6 delivered a breathtaking performance of Matilda Jr. The production was an astounding success, showcasing the hard work and dedication of our students and staff, who had such fun putting the show together.

The audience’s ears are probably still ringing with “Revolting Children” –  a particular highlight, a powerful finale that brought on a standing ovation. The whole cast choreography was next-level and surely more suited to the West End than a prep school!

Matilda Jr was more than just a school play; it was a memory made together, with friends and teachers, resulting in an absolute triumph.  None of us will forget seeing Trunchbull resting her feet on a child, Miss Honey’s haunting solo, nor Rudulpho dancing in a gold jumpsuit!

We are immensely proud of everyone involved in making this production a phenomenal success. It was truly a magical experience that will be remembered as a highlight of the academic year.

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