Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

Many of you have been helping to collect bottle caps over the past few years and we have now created some art murals with a message. Hopefully these art murals will remind pupils how much we need to protect out environment. Stella ( Year 5) has written a poem to explain the meaning of our art murals.

Our message in a bottle top,
Is one of love and sadness,
Happiness and gladness,
Yet regret and pain.

The first one shows,
Water and land,
Earth’s love and,
Consistent peace.

The second one reveals,
Animals that roam the sea,
The feeling of alive and free,
The world’s precious gift.

We crafted these,
By coming together,
Whatever the weather,
Sanding, sticking and all the like,
On thick brown boards, very alike,
Hundreds of bottle tops glued everyday,
When the masterpieces are finished, we all shout hooray!

Our images do display,
Happy scenes, though life is tough,
For our planet has it rough,

Our message in a bottle top,
Complicated as it seems,
Is about the world’s large crisis, many will redeem,
Shall we stand by, and let it go on?
No! We’ll go and recycle strong!
Reducing and reusing, as we go along!
We’ll save this planet!

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