Models Complete in Blue Planet and Natural World Club

Models Complete in Blue Planet and Natural World Club

Over a two week period the members of Blue Planet and Natural World Club turned their creative talents into reality by making exotic animal plaster of Paris models.

A lot of care was taken to make the plaster to exactly the right consistency with no lumps so it would smoothly pour into the moulds. Everyone chose their favourite model and the plaster was delicately levelled and air bubbles removed. When the plaster was slightly firm, we added magnetic strips to the back so they could be used as fridge magnets when dry…And then the waiting began to see our results!

The following week, we excitedly unmoulded the hardened plaster casts and headed to the art room where Mrs Hills-Matthews had prepared the painting areas to bring the models to life.

Using the ipads for research, we tried to get as much life-like detail as we could and get the colours just as we wanted them.

The results were incredible, well done Blue Planeteers!

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