Moncrieff Jones Society Annual Science Video Awards

Moncrieff Jones Society Annual Science Video Awards

We were delighted to welcome back Sixth Formers Kayla and Sydney to announce the results of the Moncrieff Jones Society’s annual video competition in assembly this week. Pupils were invited to make a video on ‘the best scientific invention’ and to discuss why it is their favourite, how it works, when it was discovered and who discovered/invented it.

The entries submitted were all so wonderfully different in approach and the standard was really high – so high that in-depth debates were taken within the society to decide, first, second, third places and runners up.

Arietty and Charlotte were our runners up for their video on jet packs and won a bundle of science symbol stickers each, and Catherine placed third for her video on the telescope and won some science magnets.

The battle for second and first place was the most hotly contended slots – with our champions from last year – Piers and Alex presenting their thoughts and ideas about the internet, going head-to-head with Cicero who, like Catherine, talked about the telescope.

In the end Cicero nudged ahead and took first place winning a light up solar system orb, while Piers and Alex came in second place winning a science kit each.

It was a fantastic display of innovation and inspiration seeing how the videos were put together and the content that was chosen to fill their 4-minute pieces. Thoroughly well done to all entrants, the bar has been set very high for next year!

Suzanne Hills-Matthews

Head of Science

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