Outstanding Quality of Debate at Semi Finals

Outstanding Quality of Debate at Semi Finals

This week saw the semi-finals of the House Debating Competition, and yet again we witnessed an excellent level of speech-making and debate.  The first debate was between Viewpoint A (Tara and Holly) and Foxburrow B (Lewy and Henry).  The motion was, ‘This House believes that Digital Technology improves children’s lives.’  Both sides spoke eloquently, making particularly effective use of persuasive language techniques, quotes and data.  The challenge question and answer section was tense and very well debated – special mention to William (Pilgrims) for adding his support to the Foxburrow responses when they were faced with a particularly challenging question.  The second debate was between Viewpoint B (Daniel, Sophia and Isabel) and Foxburrow A (Svara, Sophie and Zoe) and the motion was: ‘This House believes that we should only eat food produced in the UK’.  Again, it was clear that both sides had researched their case very carefully and we learned so much from the information provided.  Special mention to Daniel for his probing questions and Zoe, whose ability to ‘think on her feet’ when responding is extremely impressive.

Our guest judge, once again, was Mr B-W and together we spent a long time considering who should progress to the final.  It was very close.  After much deliberation we decided that the two teams progressing to the Grand Final are Foxburrow A and Viewpoint A.  Congratulations again to all involved in what has been an outstanding term of Debating.  The Final will take place in the early part of next term.  Places in Debating Society (Year 6) next term are limited so don’t forget to sign up as soon as you can!

It is also time to award the first set of school Debating Colours which recognise consistent and outstanding commitment to Debating Society, going ‘above and beyond’ expectations, team leadership skills and, of course, debating skills.  This term’s Colours are awarded to Sophia, Sophie, Lewy, Svara, Zoe and Tara. Certificates of Merit to recognise significant improvement in Debating skills over this term are awarded to Daniel, William, Isabel, Aimee, Henry and Holly.

Dr Sharpe

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