Post GCSE Scientific Adventures

Post GCSE Scientific Adventures

We – Angie, Stacy, and I, had the privilege of volunteering with Prep Science lessons after our GCSEs, thanks to the organisation of Mrs. Moore, Ms. Gibbs and Mrs Hills-Matthews. Over the past two weeks, we have enjoyed working with the Caterham Prep School children and witnessing their learning and application of new knowledge.

Year 6 students recently embarked on an exciting scientific journey led by Mrs. Hills-Matthews. Their explorations began with creating resin fossils, where they encapsulated dried flowers, leaves, and even soil in resin to fabricate artificial fossils. Each student crafted a bookmark and a larger object of their choice, such as cubes, prisms, and stars. This activity introduced the students to the states of matter, the basics of palaeontology, and GCSE-level chemistry concepts like polymerisation. 

The second part of their science lessons focused on constructing periscopes. With great enthusiasm, the students folded and decorated their periscopes, delving into the principles of reflection and vision. Their playful comments, like “Is this what it’s like to be 7 feet tall?” added to the fun. The lesson extended to researching the uses of periscopes, particularly in submarine navigation, and exploring the basics of Newtonian and Cassegrain reflecting telescopes. 

These two weeks have highlighted the immense effort required to plan, prepare, and teach each lesson, and to that end I am endlessly grateful to all my previous teachers. It has also provided us with invaluable experience for the future. 

Annie L, Year 11

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