Prep Hosts First European GoCube Competition

Prep Hosts First European GoCube Competition

On Monday, Caterham Prep hosted Europe’s first school GoCube competition. Five impressive finalists (Tiroye, Henry, Max, Joel and Evan), who achieved an on-camera solve in under 30 seconds to qualify, battled it out to a packed Soderberg Hall in a nail-biting contest on Monday.

The competition was formatted in a way to promote both individual skill and head-to-head strategic thinking. The first round involved each finalist performing five attempts in Solo, with their averages collected. Following this round, Amit Dor, the co-inventor of GoCube and co-founder of Particula, joined us via live video from their Asian HQ to discuss the process of creating the cube and his enthusiasm for the ‘internet of toys’ – a concept that transforms traditional toys into interactive learning tools.

In the second round, our third and fourth place finalists, Joel and Max, competed in a Pro Cuber Head to Head, with Joel emerging victorious. Similarly, in the third round, our first and second place finalists, Evan and Henry, faced off, resulting in an impressive win by Evan. The final solve, a lightning-fast 16 seconds, left everyone in awe. Our second-place finisher also made an impressive solve in under 20 seconds. Our winner will be receiving a GoCube signed by Amit Dor himself, who watched the competition through to the end and said that he was deeply impressed by the standard from all the contestants.

With the success of the first round, we are planning to establish and host an inter-school competition with the East Surrey Learning Partnership in the Autumn Term of next year, which could potentially be rolled out to nationals later in the year.

Remember that the GoCube and Particula’s other innovative products are available at a special discount for Caterham families. Visit and use the code in Prep News for a 10% discount. Shipping fees have also been reduced until the end of July.

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