Pub Quiz fundraiser for SASH

Pub Quiz fundraiser for SASH

The Caterham community and beyond dressed up to the nines last Saturday either in their best or fancy dress, some even managed half and half. In addition to the red carpet friends and families, there was Batman, Thor, Princess Leia, the Pink Panther, Teletubbies, Queens (several varieties!) The Spice Girls, Where’s Wally, a couple of chickens, an ice cream and a mobile phone. Clearly our quizzers had prepared well to enjoy the big night in, courtesy of Caterham English and the now seasoned professional quiz host Mr Crombie. Last week’s quiz was won by the Agatha Quiztie team with an amazing score of 76 out of 80. 

This Saturday, Lockdown Quiz 5 is in honour of front line NHS workers. Put on your costumes, get into your cocktail dresses and send through your team entries plus messages of thanks for the NHS to [email protected]. A fundraiser has been set up to support @sashcharity who work at East Surrey Hospital, where a number of their staff have direct links to Caterham School. If you are able to donate anything at all to this worthy cause then it would be hugely appreciated. 

Please go to 

Let’s make this week’s quiz the best yet! 

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