Regeneration work in Old Park Woods has been well underway this week with a giant mulching machine working its magic to prepare the soil for the imminent replanting. Replanting will replace diseased ash trees which had fallen to Ash Dieback, a disease sweeping across the UK’s woodlands.

Mulching is an important step in the replanting project as it helps the soil retain moisture in summer and rain to penetrate the soil in winter creating the best possible home for young trees to establish and flourish. Mulching also means the remaining tree stumps and organic matter is ploughed back into the soil and to enrich it.

Replanting of trees will include five native UK tree species creating diversity and giving the woodland the best defence against any future tree diseases. Thank you to those who have already signed up to the ‘replanting party’ – dates will announced as soon as we have confirmation of when the whips and saplings will reach Caterham.  It’s not too late to join us! Click here to sign up. 

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