Years 2 and 5 are thrilled to be learning about Space in Science this term and to enrich their lessons, the Soderberg Hall was transformed into a Planetarium on Thursday morning. Here are the reports of what went on in the Learning Dome:

2M and 2R had a very exciting visit to the inflatable planetarium to help complete our Space topic.  We were able to see the night sky and find some of the planets we had been learning about, and Mr Hulme also explained how we get night and day.  The children enjoyed the experience very much and here are some of their comments:-

“It was scary when it got very dark but then my eyes got used to it”

“I loved seeing all the stars moving across the sky, it looked beautiful”

“It was funny crawling on our hands and knees to get into the planetarium”

“I liked seeing the patterns that some of the stars make in the sky”

“I didn’t know that stars were different colours”

Year 5 has an amazing trip into the Learning Dome to learn all about space! They learnt why we have day and night and the phases of the moon. They looked at the constellations of the stars and found out that in 140 years you will be able to see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky all at the same time! All of Year 5 are in agreement that it was ‘really cool!’.


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