The Make Way Foundation Launched at Super Hero Triathlon

The Make Way Foundation Launched at Super Hero Triathlon

Over the summer break, Archie, Olly, my parents, Toby and I went to Dorney lake for the SUPERHERO TRI. It is a special triathlon for disabled people to allow them to have the same experiences as others. After we arrived, we unpacked our stuff (there was a lot of it!) and got it to the places it needed to go.

My mum, supported by my dad, did the full triathlon in the morning (750m swim, 20km bike ride and a 5km push/run) but they then joined us for their SECOND one of the day in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, we got into the slightly chilly water and put Toby in the blow-up boat. We connected the ropes, and we were off. Halfway round the swim, Toby threw himself into the water with a lot of enthusiasm to join us. After we got out of the water, we loaded Toby into the bike trailer which Dad was going to tow. Everyone else were on their own bikes. The final leg on the triathlon was the push / run. Toby was in his wheelchair, Mum was in her racing wheelchair and the rest of us were running. For the first half of the push, Archie pushed Toby and for the second half, I did. As we crossed the line, we all shouted ‘Make Way’ as a celebration of finishing the triathlon.

The reason that we did the tri was to launch ‘The Make Way Foundation’ which is our brand new charity inspired by no other than Toby Bryant! Our charity is to help children get wheelchairs when they need them. I am a junior trustee and I hope that we can make a really big difference.

Henry B (First Year)

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