The Sun is Finally Out for Some Fine Cricket

The Sun is Finally Out for Some Fine Cricket

The U8 girls had their first experience of cricket match play on Tuesday, with two friendly coaching games at Copthorne Prep.  It was a great opportunity for everyone to put into practice the batting and bowling skills from the last few lessons.  It was fantastic to see some super bowling figures on the scoresheet, with Anaya P achieving a maiden over and the opposition coach was very complementary about the team’s straight balls, Caterham took 6 wickets in all. Both Caterham teams hit boundary balls and became more confident running in singles. It was a win for Caterham by 34 balls on one field and a narrow loss by 2 runs on the other. 

The U10s welcomed Lingfield on Wednesday, for an afternoon of super, sunny cricket.  The Bs took to the field first and held Lingfield to 264 with some great bowling by Arrietty T (3 wickets) and 3 run outs. In bat, Caterham quickly chased down the Lingfield total, and with two boundaries in the closing overs by Cecilia H, Caterham won with 302-2.

The A’s again dominated the match, with great backing up, both in bat and in the field, super communication when running between the wickets and an all-round super team performance, taking the victory by 28 runs.

Next week, a block fixture against Hawthorns for the U8, 10 and 11s.

In the boys matches and despite the very inclement weather the boys have been very lucky and no games have been lost to the weather.

The Colts have had a very tough start to the season playing some very tough teams in Cumnor House, Reigate St Mary’s and Lingfield College.  The boys have bowled well but have been let down by their batting performances.  In their last game against Micklefield the boys rectified this and recorded some well-deserved victories.

The U9s have started the season very brightly and played some outstanding cricket.  The boys have won all their games against Lingfield and Reigate St Mary’s displaying some wonderful all round cricket.

The U8s also showed that the future of cricket is bright recording victories over Reigate and Micklefield.  The bowling performances were particular impressive at such a young age.

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