Uncovering History with Mr Jones

Uncovering History with Mr Jones

On Wednesday, Mr. Jones came to assembly to talk to Years 3 to 6 about a key event in global history – D-Day. With the anniversary this week, this was an opportune moment to reflect on the sheer scale, human ingenuity and innovation involved in this historic event.

Mr. Jones highlighted local connections to World War II, pointing out historical landmarks such as Kenley Aerodrome and the Dome Hill air defences. This helped the children understand the enduring presence of history in our local surroundings.

Drawing on the vast logistical challenges of D-Day, Mr. Jones talked about the intricate planning that went into successfully carrying out the operation. From safely transporting over 170,000 soldiers across the English Channel, to addressing basic needs like feeding the troops and fuelling vehicles, he brought to light the remarkable feats of human ingenuity. An exceptional case was the engineering innovation of pumping fuel from England to France via pipelines.

Mr. Jones acknowledged the human costs associated with D-Day, helping the children to appreciate the balance between the grandeur of human innovation and the reality of the dramatic loss of life during this significant event.

At a time of unprecedented innovation, it is important to take time to reflect on the past’s influence on our present and future.


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