Visiting Speakers Help Us to Understand Energy Efficiency

Visiting Speakers Help Us to Understand Energy Efficiency

Last Monday, we had two exciting visitors to talk to our eco-warriors; Mrs Dunn and Mrs Garran. Mrs Garran is an energy assessor and came to talk to our club about how to look at buildings for energy assessment and to understand energy use and efficiency. The children thoroughly enjoyed her talk and learnt how to read an energy performance certificate as well as factors that waste and save energy. She gave us some top tips such as creating blocks of ice to keep in an empty freezer to stop your freezer working so hard!

They talked to us about how energy efficient our buildings at School are and how to use technology to get these results.  In turn, she was very impressed to hear about our Junior Green Voice and Earthcubs, who try to remind the teachers, staff and classmates to turn things off and use energy wisely.  She bought along a thermal imaging camera which can be used to find out where the heating and hot water come from and if there are areas that could be improved. She had an automatic room measurer, which can be used to work out the size of a room and the efficiency of the energy used to heat it. The children were able to have a go at using this equipment and found it fascinating.

It was really fun to try out the gadgets to sense the heat and measure the rooms and see how well-insulated they were.” Annabel

“It was a great experience because we were able to see how it would be done in real life.”

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