What Was in those boxes for Science?

What Was in those boxes for Science?

And finally the surprise boxes have been revealed!

The contents being a fantastic set of new microscopes, bioviewers and slides.

The Prep School scientists have all been hard at work looking at ‘A microscopic view of Christmas’ and everyone has filled in the bauble spaces on their special science Christmas cards with their observations and findings using the microscopes, bioviewers and hand lenses, which will all be taken home to share.

Discoveries included the incredibly detailed hyphae of fungi, algae and clothing fibres, as well as seeing into the vessels of the circulatory system, and amazing at the structure of cheek cells, leaves and amoebas.

Taking the ‘Crystals at Christmas’ theme, we used hand lenses and Petri dishes as we looked at crystals of Ammonium Iron III Sulfate (a beautiful lilac colour), Copper Sulfate (bright blue), Iodine (black) and Potassium Permanganate (sparkly, dark purple) and drew them on our cards.

Three ways to magnify a science-themed Christmas – well done everyone, your results were stunning!

Happy Holidays!

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