Year 2 Visit the Prep Science Lab

Year 2 Visit the Prep Science Lab

It was an absolute pleasure having Year 2 visit the Prep Science lab for an assembly to introduce the Home Science Books (for information about this, please see this week’s notices) and demonstrate the fun you can have with experiments when things react. 

We learned that when a reaction occurs, there can be: a change in temperature where things get hotter or colder; a change in colour; light can be emitted or bubbles and fizzing happens – sometimes a combination or all of these can happen! We looked at how hand warmers work as a reversible reaction where heat is given out. Using the infra-red thermometer, we measured how with a simple click of the silver disc in the special gel pouch made the temperature leap from 23 degrees to over 48 degrees in a matter of seconds! We also noticed that heat was not the only sign there was a reaction here – the gel went from very fluid, bright blue and clear to solid, paler blue and opaque. 

We observed how burning reactions happen and measured the temperature change from 20 degrees to nearly 200! But it was the glow sticks which were the biggest hit – we learned how there are two chambers in a glow stick which when clicked or cracked allow 2 liquids to mix and when they do they react to release light. Everyone loved looking at this experiment in real life for themselves as the glow sticks were handed around the room and we clicked and cracked to make sure all of the liquids mixed to shine the brightest they could. 

Well done Year 2, your questions and answers showed you are real life budding scientists! 

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