Year 3 travel back in time to Rome

Year 3 travel back in time to Rome

Last week, Year 3 time travelled back to the year 55BC, the time of the first attempted invasion by the Romans. They spent the day dressed in costume and taking parts in a variety of activities. Some of the favourites were gladiator school, studying real Roman artefacts, battle simulations and pantomimes at the Roman amphitheatre. 

Here are some of the children’s reports: 

We were taking orders from the Roman Centurion. Orders like roar, turn and march. Then, I became a Roman and was taken outside to train. I obeyed orders from Julius Ceasar. After that, we went to confront the Celts. They were just like crazy, smelly gorillas and hurled rocks at us. Quickly, we went into turtle formation with our shields and the rocks bounced off harmlessly. Then we dropped our shields and picked up our spears and threw them at the Celts. 90% of them died and the others were sent to be slaves.  – Humphrey 


My favourite thing was the Romans v Celts battle because I got to throw the paper rocks. I hope that we will get to do another day like this next year!       – Sophie 


My favourite activity was the curses because I got to get my own back on my sister. There was a pantomime – it was very funny, and everyone clapped and laughed! One of my favourite bits was the gladiator show because everyone was standing up and stamping and shouting, “DEATH!” and “FIGHT!”       – Joel 


Mrs Thorpe and Mrs Sparrow fought like gladiators and then four animals purred into the arena and killed them! It was so funny. That was my favourite part because it was funny to see them fight.  – Khloe       


I became a slave and helped people to dress and clean their armpits. That was nasty! Then we had a Latin lesson and we had to write on wax tablets. I couldn’t write neatly on the wax tablets.   –  Seb 


I liked making the Luluna (lucky charm) because I found it interesting that the girls should draw a moon and boys a symbol of strength like lightening. In the future, I want to go to Rome.   –  Ayla 


I enjoyed the gladiator fight because it was Mrs Thorpe vs Mrs Sparrow and animals came to fight. I was jumping up and down!       –  Samuel   

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