Year 5 Adventure at Henley Fort

Year 5 Adventure at Henley Fort


This week, Year 5 left for their first residential trip to Henley Fort. After settling into their Mongolian yurts, it was time for the first of many activities taking place over the course of the three days. The pupils learnt how to make fire, charcoal and made popcorn on a giant campfire as well as developing their orienteering skills by finding features on a map and measuring distances between two points. They called on skills learnt in our own Wildcats area back at school and mastered bouldering and climbing techniques before overcoming the challenges of the giant climbing wall.  They then created shelters using natural resources and tarps and negotiated a series of different problem solving challenges using team work and communication on the low ropes course. By the end, the pupils had become successful archers aiming at targets and targeting a plastic “Wasps nest”. 

Each morning we all enjoyed a full English breakfast to set us up for the day eating outside under a giant canopy, whilst the evening came with some incredible cooked meals!  

The adventure continued into the evening with a hike on the first night when we learnt about the history of the area and collected firewood for the campfire. The second night we toasted marshmallows on the campfire, opened letters from our families, and played a giant game of kickball. 

The pupils all had a great time learning about leadership, taking responsibility for their own actions, working as a team, communicating positively and becoming more independent. They are a credit to the school and behaved impeccably throughout the trip. 

Well done Year 5! 

Mr Dyer

Year 5 Tutor & Outdoor Learning Coordinator

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